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Miles beyond traditional outsourcers. Chatdesk uses AI and US-based experts to boost conversions and solve tickets across social, email, chat, and SMS.0
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What is Chatdesk?

Chatdesk is an AI-powered tool that helps ecommerce brands enhance their social media sales and customer support. It uses AI and on-demand experts to drive conversions and resolve tickets across various social media platforms, email, chat, and SMS. With Chatdesk, brands can acquire new customers, turn support tickets into sales, and retain and win back customers.

Key Features:

  1. Acquire new customers at a lower cost: Chatdesk enables organic outreach that scales by getting brands in front of more buyers through 1:1 comments, replies, and direct messages.

  2. Turn support tickets into sales: With pay-per-ticket coverage, Chatdesk provides exceptional 24/7 support. Local CX experts answer pre-sale and post-sale questions using the brand's voice and policies.

  3. Retain (and win back) customers: Chatdesk drives customer loyalty and repeat orders through personalized 1:1 email and SMS campaigns generated by AI and reviewed by superfans.

Use Cases:

  • Acquiring new customers: Chatdesk helps brands reach more buyers and engage with them individually, leading to increased conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

  • Enhancing customer support: By providing round-the-clock support and resolving tickets efficiently, Chatdesk improves customer satisfaction and turns support interactions into sales opportunities.

  • Driving customer loyalty: Through personalized and tailored email and SMS campaigns, Chatdesk helps brands retain customers and encourage repeat orders, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue.


Chatdesk is a powerful tool for ecommerce brands to supercharge their social media sales and customer support. With features like acquiring new customers, turning support tickets into sales, and retaining customers, Chatdesk offers a comprehensive solution to enhance brand growth and customer engagement. By leveraging AI and on-demand experts, brands can scale their customer interactions and maximize the ROI of every interaction.

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Updated Date: 2024-01-25
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