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What is Posh?

Posh is a no-code AI tool that revolutionizes the banking industry by providing flexible, accessible, and efficient solutions. With over 100 deployments in leading financial institutions, Posh offers 24/7 customer service through intelligent automation, improving customer experience and satisfaction. It also enhances employee efficiency by providing instant answers during live interactions, resulting in increased productivity and reduced search time. Additionally, Posh enables operational excellence by decreasing speed to answer, resolving customer requests without live agents, and reducing costs. The AI assistants offered by Posh, including the Voice Assistant, Knowledge Assistant, and Digital Assistant, are built on industry expertise and intelligent technology, ensuring real conversations with real people. Posh's user-friendly platform and forward-thinking team make implementation easy and guarantee immediate value for partners.

Key Features:
1. Intelligent Customer Service:
   - Posh provides 24/7 customer service through AI automation, offering quick and user-friendly solutions.
   - Customers can obtain information anytime, be routed to a human for complex needs, and receive expert assistance.
   - Features like reduced call transfer, decreased wait times, and improved first call resolution enhance the customer experience.

2. Employee-Assisted AI:
   - Posh's AI tools support employees by providing instant answers during live interactions.
   - This accelerates onboarding and training, freeing up time for deeper customer engagement and business development.
   - Boosts employee productivity, speeds up onboarding time, and reduces search time, resulting in improved efficiency.

3. Operational Excellence:
   - Posh enables banks to build better customer relationships with fewer resources and reduced costs.
   - Eliminates the need for third-party call centers, handles growing call volumes effortlessly, and decreases speed to answer.
   - Solves customer requests without live agents, reducing costs and handling calls after hours.

Use Cases:
- Posh's AI solutions can be effectively utilized in banks to provide 24/7 customer service, reducing wait times, improving first call resolution, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
- Employee-assisted AI empowers bank employees by providing instant answers, accelerating onboarding, and increasing productivity.
- Operational excellence achieved through Posh's AI tools allows banks to handle growing call volumes, reduce costs, and build better customer relationships.

Posh's no-code AI tool is transforming the banking industry by offering flexible, accessible, and efficient solutions. With its intelligent customer service, employee-assisted AI, and focus on operational excellence, Posh empowers banks to enhance the customer experience, improve employee efficiency, and reduce costs. The AI assistants offered by Posh, including the Voice Assistant, Knowledge Assistant, and Digital Assistant, ensure real conversations with real people, making implementation easy and guaranteeing immediate value for partners. With Posh, banks can revolutionize their services and stay ahead in the competitive banking environment.

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Updated Date: 2023-11-19
Posh was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 4th 2023.

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